The Infamous First Post

I have a hard time imagining that anyone would want to read my blog. In fact, I have a difficult time imagining anyone reading a blog at all these days, when everything seems to have taken to video on more platforms than I can keep up with. Nevertheless, it is my intention to regularly publish meaningful posts related to the Christian life. That is a rather vague description because–while this blog might take a more particular direction as it evolves–I like the idea of “keeping my options open.” However, I can inform the reader that my posts will predominantly–if not all–fall under the categories of Bible, Theology, and Apologetics, terms which I will define expressly.

Of course, “Bible” ought require no explanation. However, my professors always challenged me to define my terms, and so, I will do so. This blog will include regular biblical reflections, insights into the interpretation of particular passages, as well as some practical biblical instruction relevant for followers of Jesus. As the reader will quickly deduce, I do strongly affirm both the Old and New Testaments as the inspired Word of God. Further, in case the reader sees a biblical quotation that seems somewhat different from the Bible they are using, I will most often quote from the English Standard Version (ESV).

By “Theology,” I am referring to the (extremely important) discipline of organizing the Bible’s teaching into a framework for making sense of God and the world. So many people attempt to make sense of reality from what they perceive, from their limited experience, from their subjective preferences, from all sorts of “sources”–none of which are ultimately authoritative. However, Christians ought to base their theology on the Bible–God’s self-disclosing revelation. While the human interpretive process can potentially lead to an incorrect biblical understanding, and therefore, to a wrong theological conclusion, basing theology on Scripture is the way God intended and the most efficacious means of thinking rightly about God and the world. Theology is more than an intellectual exercise, but it is, in fact, a rather practical discipline. Our theology guides our thoughts and our actions. What we think, say, and do ultimately stems from what we believe.

Finally, by “Apologetics,” I mean the task of providing a rational basis for belief in Christianity and its various truth claims. Perhaps, we can think of “theology” as WHAT we believe, and we can think of “apologetics” as WHY we ought to believe. Apologetics is both modeled and instructed in Scripture. It is employed to remedy the doubt of believers, and it is employed to overcome obstacles to faith in the evangelistic endeavor. Sadly, apologetics has gotten “a bad rap” at different times and in different circles. Let me give two caveats to my posts on apologetics. First, apologetics is not employed apart from the Holy Spirit, as if our human wisdom and human efforts can accomplish something apart from the mighty work of God in both the evangelist and the one hearing and responding to the gospel. However, just as the Spirit works in relationship building, in acts of service, in the sharing of one’s testimony, and the many other elements that contribute to the evangelistic process–along with the proclamation of the gospel–the Spirit works through apologetics as well. Second, apologetics–like everything else in Christian ministry and mission–must be done in love. It is out of love for God that we engage in apologetics, to give Him glory and to serve Him obediently. It is out of love for the lost–for the very person we are sharing the gospel with–that we engage in apologetics, so that another human being might know our God and Savior Jesus Christ and enter into new and eternal life.

I thank you for visiting my blog. There are certainly other–and BETTER–things you could be reading. I make three commitments to those who happen across this blog. First, I will do my best to make it readable to all people, regardless of how long you have been a Christian and regardless of your level of biblical and theological training. Therefore, while I might handle some technical questions and issues at various points, I will attempt to do so in the simplest way possible, so that all might learn and grow together. Second, I will do my best to post regularly. At the outset, I intend that to be weekly. However, I can see myself publishing posts more often–and certainly not less. Third, I welcome questions and critical feedback. I am certainly not above error, and by God’s grace, have maintained a fair amount of theological humility (if I do say so myself!). So while we may never agree on all points, I am happy to hear from you. Further, if you have questions, I would absolutely love to engage with you as I am able.

Blessings in Christ,

Kevin Kroitor

Published by Kevin Kroitor

Kevin Kroitor serves as Senior Pastor of Belle Glade Alliance Church (Belle Glade, FL) and Adjunct Professor of Apologetics and Christian Evidences at Crown College (St. Bonifacius, MN). He holds a BS in Christian Ministry and an MDiv from Crown College, as well as an MA in Theological Studies from Liberty University. He is currently a PhD Candidate (Theology and Apologetics) at Liberty University.

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